Geldards is a reputable law firm in the United Kingdom with a track record of providing quality legal services to individuals and businesses. If you aspire to work for this firm, one way to start your journey is through a training contract. A training contract is a structured program designed to prepare trainee solicitors for a career in law. It typically lasts for two years and involves on-the-job training and formal education.

Geldards offers a comprehensive training contract program that provides trainees with exposure to different areas of law, including corporate, commercial litigation, employment, and real estate, among others. During the training period, trainees work closely with experienced solicitors and have the opportunity to handle different types of legal work, from drafting legal documents to attending court hearings.

One of the most important considerations for anyone seeking a career in law is the salary. Geldards pays its trainee solicitors a competitive salary that reflects their contribution to the firm. The firm`s training contract salary is reviewed periodically to ensure that it is in line with market rates and is reflective of the trainee`s skills and experience.

The current starting salary for a trainee solicitor at Geldards is £26,000 per annum. This is a competitive salary that is in line with the rates offered by other leading law firms. It is also worth noting that the firm provides additional benefits, such as a contributory pension scheme, private healthcare, and life assurance.

In addition to the salary and benefits, trainee solicitors at Geldards also receive support and guidance throughout their training contract. The firm has a dedicated training principal and a team of experienced solicitors who are committed to helping trainees achieve their career goals. They organize regular training sessions and provide feedback on trainee performance, helping them to develop their skills and knowledge.

The training contract is a crucial stage in a solicitor`s career, and the salary and benefits offered by the law firm are an important consideration. However, trainees should also look beyond the financial rewards and consider the quality of training and support provided by the firm. Geldards` training contract salary is competitive, but equally important is the firm`s commitment to providing its trainee solicitors with a comprehensive and supportive training program.